This website (the “Site”) is operated by aerogel Pty Ltd (“aerogel”), the data controller responsible for the Site. The terms “we” and “us” mean aerogel.

We respect the privacy of visitors to the Site and are committed to the protection of their information. Considering that the information we collect includes data that can be used to identify visitors to the Site (“personal data”), this Privacy Policy informs visitors about (i) the types of personal data we collect on the Site, (ii) how we may use that personal data, and (iii) with whom we may share it. Personal data gathered about you and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy is controlled by aerogel, with registered offices at 215-217 South Tce, Wingfield, South Australia, Australia 5013

By accessing and using this Site, you agree and consent to the collection, use, processing and disclosure of your personal data as outlined in this Privacy Policy, including transferring that information to countries which may not have data protection laws equivalent to those in force in your country.

The information aerogel may collect and how It will be used

aerogel collects personal data (i.e., information that can be used to identify you) through your use of the Site. Additionally, personal data may be collected from comments and questions from visitors to the Site. Personal data collected through your use of the Site is primarily processed through electronic and automated means in accordance with this Privacy Policy. aerogel will only use such personal data where it is necessary to do so because it is relevant to aerogel’s dealings with a visitor or where it has his/her consent.

If you provide aerogel with personal data of third parties, you warrant and represent that you have provided any and all necessary information to, and obtained any and all consents from, such individuals to transfer their personal data to aerogel and to enable aerogel to process such personal data and disclose it in the manner and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. You also represent and warrant that you have informed such individuals in accordance with applicable law about their privacy rights.

aerogel does not require personal data from a visitor to obtain access to the general public areas of the Site but such data may be required to request or download product information or take advantage of other features on the Site. aerogel will not collect sensitive personal data about a user of the Site without his/her explicit consent.

aerogel will use a visitors’ personal data where it is necessary to do so for such purposes as verifying the identity of visitors to the Site, creating user credentials such as user names and passwords, processing and responding to requests, improving its operations, maintaining details of its business contacts, facilitating business transactions and developing new business. We may also process your personal data to market products and services which we think may be of interest to you, or to communicate with you for other purposes.

aerogel also collects data that does not identify you directly, but which offers some information about your interests and activities that could be used to make inferences about you and, in some cases, identify you indirectly. Please see below for information about our use of cookies.

aerogel may also use IP addresses. An IP address is a set of numbers that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you log on to your Internet Service Provider or through your organization’s local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). When you log on to a website, your computer is automatically identified by the IP address assigned to it. aerogel, or third party companies acting on behalf of aerogel, may collect IP addresses for the purposes of maintaining communications with visitors as they move about the Site and enhancing their user experience. We do not ordinarily use this information to develop a personal profile of our visitors and the log files are regularly purged. Therefore, each visit to this Site will be logged, but the visitor normally remains anonymous to us.

aerogel also collects non-personal data and uses it in aggregate form to track data such as the total number of visits to our Site, the number of visitors to each page of our Site, and the domain names of our visitors’ Internet Service Providers. We use this information to understand how our visitors use our Site so that we may improve it and the services we offer. This Site is not directed at collecting personal data from minors.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer or device by a website. Cookies are used by the website on subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the web page, or a unique identification number so that the website can “remember” you on a return visit.

aerogel uses cookies to provide you with the best experience on the Site. We may use “cookies” on the Site to allow visitors to use the Site without having to log in upon returning, to input information to email forms, to improve the Site, to verify that visitors meet the necessary criteria to process their requests and to improve the management and security of the Site.

The following are categories of cookies used by aerogel:

  • Session cookies. These are temporary and are deleted as soon as you close your Internet browser.
  • Persistent cookies. These are stored on your computer or device until they expire or you remove them. They store personal preferences such as your language preferences on multi-lingual sites to make subsequent visits easier.
  • Third party cookies. We work with third parties who, on our behalf, research the use of our website and activities on it. In doing so they may place a cookie on your computer or device. However, it would not contain any personal data that others could read and understand.

Unless otherwise notified by aerogel, aerogel will not use personal data sent in a cookie for marketing purposes and will not share this personal data with third parties. Cookies deployed by aerogel cannot be used to run programs or download viruses on your hard drive, and they do not allow aerogel any kind of control over your computer. aerogel does not use cookies to access information stored on your hard drive or to store information therein (other than mere identification data).

If you do not wish to receive cookies from the Site, you can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when alerted by the browser to its presence. Cookies can also be refused by turning them off in the browser. Please refer to your web browser’s instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions.

How aerogel Protects Your Personal Data

aerogel is committed to protecting the security of your personal data. aerogel takes commercially reasonable steps in compliance with security provisions set forth in applicable laws and regulations to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, unauthorised alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, misuse, and all other unlawful forms of processing. Some areas of the Site may require pre-qualification or registration for access and, if access is granted, may require a username, password or other technique to control access. Registered visitors should carefully safeguard their username and password and only make it available to authorised agents. If registered visitors become aware of any unauthorised use of a password, they should notify aerogel.

Despite the security measures that we have put in place to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse, or alteration of data will not occur.