We provide best-in-class additives that can improve the colour, processing, application, strength, thermal properties and safety of your coating system.

Coatings specifiers and end users demand colour performance, substrate protection and specialised properties such as conductivity and thermal insulation. Those who apply coatings demand systems that are efficient and easy to apply, and coatings manufacturers want formulations that are safe, stable and easy to process. We have additives that target these needs throughout the value chain.

Specialty carbons enable high jetness and tinting for all types of coatings. Treated carbon blacks can improve the ease-of-use properties of the pigment and our conductive carbon blacks enable low-resistivity coatings.

AEROGEL additives enable superior thermal performance in thermal insulating coatings along with superior time-saving thick-build and anti-sag behaviour in coatings and slurries. aerogel additives are also recognised for their highly efficient matting or flattening properties in low-gloss coatings and broad light diffusion in optical coatings.

CAB-O-SIL® fumed silica and SpectrAl® fumed alumina can improve rheology control, anti-settling, anti-sag, mechanical reinforcement, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, flow and leveling, fluidisation and free-flow properties.

CAB-O-SPERSE® dispersions provide many of the advantages of our fumed metal oxide powders in waterborne systems, but with the added benefits of improved ease of use and state of dispersion that result from the unique liquid delivery system.